Kendall Nichols
Kendall Nichols
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Knowing much of graphic design is drifting towards digital, I wanted to get my feet wet in animation. The following projects were the main videos I have done, teaching myself in After Effects. They all started with an idea, then proceeded to sketches, copy writing, music finding, and putting it all together in AfterEffects, along with the actual animation.


+ 2018
+ After Effects



Fun. Intelligent. Professional. These were words I wanted to help describe my fictional StormTech brand. With that brand, I decided it would be a good idea to learn After Effects, so I did. This was the first project I had ever done involving motion, animation, and After Effects.


Keep Working

This is a simple, short video I created to play with the idea of breaking down typography to its’ elemental form. This was not only a great exercise in After Effects, it was a good reminder of type.


Cher ami

This video was created as a supplemental piece for my Cher Ami branding system. I created this ad to be used on Social Media and websites. As for the form of the ad, the letters at the beginning were all mine and the writing and logo were done by me as well.


secret of happiness

A typographic video, representing a sermon by Dr. Rev. Billy Graham. The main message behind the design was the contrast between sin and life, shown by black and white.