Kendall Nichols
Kendall Nichols

Voter Guide

Voter Guide Cover




The idea of designing a voter guide cover that was meant to appeal to 100% of Alabama citizens was daunting. But with research, I landed on the idea of a collage - a surefire way to combine as many things as I wanted on one plane. Black and white allowed for color liberty, and also provided an air of nostalgia and state pride.


+ created while a student at Auburn University

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Final design

My cover design ties two important parts of Alabama together: places and art. Both parts represent the people – cities and buildings built for the people and art done by Alabama craftsmen in time gone by. The collage is a simple solution to a difficult task, in this case, the joining of an entire state on a single picture plane, to encourage one action: voting. This design shows that no matter where you are from, or near, you can be part of the makeup and the history of Alabama, simply by going out to vote.

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It can get messy, and even when I was reaching the end, there were still lots of paths to explore, shown here.